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Real Estate Credit Repair & How Agents Can Generate More Business! Credit Repair Tips for Realtors: An Expert Guide   In the competitive real estate market of Cleveland, understanding credit repair can be a game-changer for Realtors and their clients. Today, we have Mike Ferrante from Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike Team discussing this crucial topic with Attorney Bob Willis, a credit repair expert […]
Market Update Real Estate Market Update: June 2024 Northeast Ohio Real Estate Market Update: June 2024 Hello, I’m Mike Ferrante with Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike Team. We serve Greater Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio, and it’s time for a quick Greater Cleveland real estate market update. Make sure to smash that subscribe button and like and follow the 21 […]
Real Estate Top 5 Creative Ways to Get MORE Listings!!! Creative Strategies to Generate Listings: Insights from Mike Ferrante and Tony Geraci In the highly competitive real estate market of Cleveland, securing listings is often the most challenging part of the business. As inventory remains low and demand continues to outstrip supply, innovative approaches are essential. Today, Mike Ferrante from the 21 Mike Team at […]
Real Estate What if Buyers Won’t Sign a Buyer’s Agency Agreement? Navigating Buyer Agreements: What Realtors Need to Know As a real estate professional in Cleveland, it’s crucial to stay ahead of industry changes and understand how they impact your business. One significant change on the horizon is the mandatory buyer’s agreements, which will soon become a requirement for showing properties. This shift can bring about […]
Real Estate To TEAM or Not to TEAM?!?! The Pros and Cons of Forming or Joining a Real Estate Team   Hi again, Mike Ferrante here with Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike Team. Today, I want to dive into a topic that I frequently get questions about: real estate teams. Specifically, when is the right time to start a team, what […]
Real Estate Winning in Multiple Offers! Top 10 Strategies for Winning Multiple Offers In the dynamic world of Cleveland real estate, the 21 Mike Team at Century 21 HomeStar, led by Mike Ferrante, is here to provide you with valuable insights on how to navigate the competitive market. With low inventory and high demand, winning multiple offers requires strategic thinking and […]
Real Estate Why 85% of Agents Get Out of the Business Every 5 Years~ Free Realtor Training! The Real Estate Industry’s High Turnover Rate: Insights and Solutions Tony picked this topic so I have thoughts. You know my first thought, Tony, when you said 85% of agents are out of the business every five years, my first thought was, “Gee, I hope I’m not one of them.” How do I keep myself […]
Real Estate Corporate Transparency Act of 2024 – What You Need to Know!!! Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) 2024: Essential Information for Realtors and Business Owners in Cleveland Today, we’re delving into a critical topic that all real estate agents, especially those working with S Corps and LLCs, need to be aware of: the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) 2024. This legislation impacts a significant number of our […]
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Market Update May 2024 – Market Update for Greater Cleveland! Greater Cleveland Real Estate Market Update: Key Insights from Mike Ferrante    Every month, I follow Greater Cleveland real estate market numbers, and guess what? I was wrong about one key statistic. Stay tuned to find out which one. Hi everybody, it’s Mike Ferrante with Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike Team. We are […]
Real Estate Top 7 Questions Buyers Ask and How to Answer – Free Realtor Training! Top Seven Questions Buyers Ask and How to Nail Your Answers: Insights from Mike Ferrante and Tony Geraci   In today’s real estate market, it’s crucial for agents to demonstrate their value to clients. With buyer agency commissions under scrutiny, agents need to be prepared to answer tough questions from potential buyers. Here, Mike Ferrante […]
Real Estate Top 10 Questions Sellers Ask on a Listing Appointment – How to Answer! How to Ace Your Listing Appointment: Tips from Mike Ferrante   Welcome back, Cleveland Realtors! Today, we’re diving into one of the most critical aspects of our business: listing appointments. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting, securing listings is the lifeblood of your career. I’m Mike Ferrante from the 21 Mike Team at […]
Real Estate 3 Key Points About the Proposed NAR Settlement! NAR Settlement Update: Key Takeaways for Realtors Are you tired of hearing about the NAR settlement yet? Well, hold onto your seats because there’s been a recent development that’s shaking up the real estate world once again. In this blog post, we’ll break down the latest news and highlight three crucial points that every Realtor, […]
Real Estate 5 Mistakes Agents Make at Their Open Houses!!! Mastering Open Houses: 5 Strategies Every Realtor Should Know Are you a realtor looking to level up your open house game? Look no further than Mike Ferrante and the 21 Mike Team at Century 21 HomeStar. Mike is joined by Tony Geraci, Broker/Owner of Century 21 HomeStar.  With years of experience and countless successful open […]
Real Estate Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent? Unlocking the Value of Buyer’s Agents: A Deep Dive into Their Essential Role   In the bustling real estate market of Cleveland, Ohio, where every transaction is a whirlwind of activity and opportunity, the role of Buyer’s Agents often comes under scrutiny. Are they truly indispensable, or are they just glorified door openers? In this […]
Real Estate Explaining De-Coupled Real Estate Commissions to Sellers! Navigating the Changing Real Estate Landscape: Insights from Mike Ferrante and the 21 Mike Team   In the dynamic world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is essential, especially in markets like Cleveland, Ohio. With recent discussions around the decoupling of real estate commissions, Realtors must understand the implications and adapt their strategies […]
Market Update April 2024 – Cleveland Real Estate Market Update! Cleveland Real Estate Market Update: April 2024   Are you keeping up with the latest trends in the Cleveland real estate market? If not, you’re in luck! Mike Ferrante, from Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike Team, is here with another insightful real estate market update. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s […]
Real Estate Buyer Agency Agreement Presentation – Dos & Dont’s! Mastering Buyer Agency Agreements: Dos and Don’ts for Realtors   Are you a Realtor looking to refine your approach to buyer agency agreements? With the evolving landscape of real estate transactions, staying ahead of the curve is essential. In this post, we’ll delve into the dos and don’ts of presenting buyer agency agreements, focusing on […]
Real Estate NAR Pending Settlement – 5 Challenges for Realtors AND Buyers! Navigating Challenges in Real Estate with the Pending NAR Settlement A point of consideration amidst the tumultuous landscape of real estate, particularly in the wake of recent developments like the NAR settlement, is perhaps the most crucial: the impact on buyers. In the intricate dance between sellers, buyers, and agents, it’s often the buyer who […]
Real Estate NAR Lawsuit Settlement: 7 Things That Will Be Good for the Real Estate Industry! Navigating the NAR Settlement: 7 Positive Takeaways for Realtors!   We’ve heard the doom & gloom, right? How about 7 good things about the settlement?!? With many freaking out about the latest settlement, Tony and Mike will share 7 reasons the industry is actually BETTER now!  Think they are crazy?  Read and find out!   […]
Real Estate The Title Company Conundrum RESPA’s Impact on Buyer & Seller Choices – Realtor Training Navigating Real Estate Contracts: Who Picks the Title Company?   In the complex world of real estate negotiations, one question often looms large: Who picks the title company? This seemingly innocuous query can spark debates and negotiations, with both buyers and sellers eager to ensure their interests are protected. To shed light on this crucial […]