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Navigating Real Estate Contracts: Who Picks the Title Company?


In the complex world of real estate negotiations, one question often looms large: Who picks the title company? This seemingly innocuous query can spark debates and negotiations, with both buyers and sellers eager to ensure their interests are protected. To shed light on this crucial topic, we sat down with industry experts Mike Ferrante, Tony Geraci, and Mike McHale, each bringing their unique perspectives to the table.

Introducing the Experts:

  • Mike Ferrante: The 21 Mike Team Leader with a knack for navigating complex negotiations.
  • Tony Geraci: Broker/Owner of Century 21 HomeStar, offering over three decades of industry experience.
  • Mike McHale: A title expert with Cleveland Home Title, known for his meticulous approach to ensuring seamless transactions.

As the discussion unfolds, Ferrante sets the stage by addressing the age-old question: Who picks the title company? According to Mike, the responsibility often falls on the buyer, who typically has the first option to select a title company when drafting the purchase agreement. However, he emphasizes the importance of negotiation, especially in cases where costs are split between buyer and seller.

McHale chimes in, highlighting the need for an independent third party to oversee the title process, ensuring neutrality and transparency. With Cleveland Home Title, McHale underscores their commitment to providing a seamless experience for buyers, free from any conflicts of interest.

Tony echoes their sentiments, stressing the significance of buyer and seller input in selecting a title company. He emphasizes the need for transparency and recommends agents to offer multiple options to clients, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Navigating Local Nuances: The conversation takes a local turn as the experts delve into Cleveland’s unique real estate landscape. They discuss the importance of understanding local ordinances, such as point-of-sale inspections, and how partnering with a knowledgeable title company can streamline the process for buyers and sellers alike.

McHale unveils a comprehensive resource compiled by Cleveland Home Title, detailing the requirements of various municipalities in Northeast Ohio. This tool proves invaluable in navigating local nuances and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Protecting Interests: Amidst the intricacies of real estate transactions, the discussion shifts to the importance of safeguards like title insurance and closing protection coverage. McHale demystifies title insurance, describing it as a safeguard against potential encumbrances or liens on the property.

The experts unanimously recommend closing protection coverage as an added layer of security, shielding buyers from unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the transaction process. They stress the value of proactive measures to protect clients’ interests and maintain trust throughout the transaction.

Final Thoughts: As the discussion draws to a close, Ferrante emphasizes the importance of communication throughout the entire process. Transparent communication, he argues, is the key to resolving issues as they arise and ensuring a smooth transaction for all parties involved.

In closing, Geraci and McHale underscore the significance of building relationships with trusted partners in the industry. By fostering strong partnerships with title companies like Cleveland Home Title, agents can navigate complexities with confidence, knowing they have a reliable team supporting them every step of the way.

In the dynamic world of real estate, the question of who picks the title company may remain a point of contention. However, with insights from seasoned professionals like Ferrante, Geraci, and McHale, agents can navigate negotiations with clarity and confidence, ensuring the best outcomes for their clients.


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