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New Purchase Agreement for Ohio – Horrible or Amazing??? Realtor Training

Exploring the Benefits of Ohio’s New 10-Page Realtor-Endorsed Purchase Agreement

Greetings, Cleveland Realtors! Mike Ferrante here, your trusted real estate expert from Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike team. Today, I’m excited to dive into a topic that has been buzzing in our community—the new 10-page Ohio Realtor-endorsed purchase agreement. Some may wonder, is it terrible or awesome? Well, I’m here to tell you why I believe it’s awesome. Stick around as I share at least 10 reasons why this new purchase agreement brings numerous benefits to our real estate transactions.

  1. Comprehensive Definitions and Terms: The purchase agreement kicks off with a detailed section on general definitions and terms. Understanding real estate jargon can be challenging for clients, so having these terms spelled out at the beginning of the contract adds clarity and minimizes potential misunderstandings.
  2. Elimination of Ambiguity with Default Values: One notable improvement is the inclusion of default values for certain sections, such as the loan commitment timeframe. This prevents oversights and ensures critical information is filled in, avoiding potential pitfalls caused by missing details.
  3. Clear Termination Guidelines: The new purchase agreement provides clarity on termination conditions related to the loan commitment. It explicitly outlines what happens if a buyer fails to deliver a loan commitment, empowering sellers with clear steps for termination if necessary.
  4. Change in Funding Clause (2.0): The addition of Clause 2.0 addresses a common scenario—changes in funding. Now, the contract provides explicit details on what happens if a buyer decides to change financing options mid-transaction, offering more transparency to all parties involved.
  5. Streamlined Contingencies: Previously, agents had to deal with various addenda for contingencies like appraisals and property sales. The new purchase agreement integrates many of these contingencies directly, simplifying the process and reducing the need for additional paperwork.
  6. Fixture and Equipment Section Enhancement: This section, often a point of contention, is now more explicit. From mirrors to light bulbs, the purchase agreement specifies what is considered fixtures and equipment, minimizing potential disputes after closing.
  7. Enhanced Inspection Section: The inspection section now offers flexibility by allowing either a general agreement for any inspections or specific checkboxes for chosen inspections. Default timeframes provide structure while accommodating negotiation.
  8. Inclusion of Owner’s Association Clause: The new purchase agreement incorporates a detailed section on Owners Association, eliminating the need for a separate document. This streamlines the process and reduces the chances of missing essential information.
  9. Transparent Cost Allocation: The contract now addresses the often-debated topic of costs. By explicitly stating who pays for title insurance, the agreement promotes transparency, preventing misunderstandings and potential disputes during the closing process.
  10. Dispute Resolution: Introducing a dispute resolution clause is a game-changer. Before resorting to legal action, the agreement mandates mediation, fostering a more amicable resolution process and potentially avoiding costly lawsuits.

In conclusion, Cleveland Realtors, the new 10-page Ohio Realtor-endorsed purchase agreement is a positive evolution in our industry. While change can be met with resistance, embracing these enhancements can lead to smoother transactions, fewer disputes, and increased protection for all parties involved. As we navigate through these changes, let’s focus on the benefits that come with a more comprehensive and transparent contractual framework. If you have questions or thoughts on this topic, feel free to reach out to me. Here’s to a successful future in Cleveland real estate!


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