Real Estate March 20, 2024

NAR Lawsuit Settlement: 7 Things That Will Be Good for the Real Estate Industry!

Navigating the NAR Settlement: 7 Positive Takeaways for Realtors!


We’ve heard the doom & gloom, right? How about 7 good things about the settlement?!?

With many freaking out about the latest settlement, Tony and Mike will share 7 reasons the industry is actually BETTER now! 

Think they are crazy?  Read and find out!


In the wake of the recent NAR settlement regarding commission lawsuits, there’s been a whirlwind of speculation and concern among Realtors nationwide. However, amidst the uncertainty, there are silver linings to be found. Mike Ferrante, Team Leader of the 21 MikeTeam, along with Tony Geraci, broker/owner of Century 21 HomeStar, shed light on seven positive aspects of the settlement that could reshape the real estate landscape for the better.

1. Buyer’s Agent Commissions Remain Intact: Despite the fears of commission structures crumbling, the settlement ensures that buyer’s agent commissions are still permissible. This means that Realtors can continue to offer competitive compensation to buyer’s agents, ensuring a thriving marketplace.  Compensation can not be listed on the MLS, but there are other avenues that can be used.  Also, you can call or text the listing agent to find out if the seller is offering commission.

2. Mandatory Buyer’s Agreements: One significant change brought about by the settlement is the mandate for buyer’s agreements. Previously optional, these agreements will now be compulsory, fostering loyalty between buyers and their agents. This shift could streamline the home buying process and protect Realtors’ interests.

3. Compensation Transparency: Transparency in commission structures has long been a point of contention. With the settlement emphasizing clearer explanations of commissions, both buyers and sellers can better understand how fees are distributed, promoting trust and clarity in transactions.

4. More Transparent Compensation Structures: Gone are the days of ambiguous commission structures. The settlement demands clearer explanations of how commissions are divided between listing and buyer’s agents. This transparency fosters trust between all parties involved, leading to smoother transactions.

5. Mitigating Steering Concerns: The settlement aims to address issues of steering, ensuring that buyers have the freedom to choose their representation without undue influence. While concerns about steering persist, the focus is shifting towards empowering buyers to make informed decisions about their representation.

6. Potential Surge in Open House Attendance: With buyers seeking clarity in a transitioning market, open houses could see a resurgence in popularity. Realtors are encouraged to capitalize on this opportunity, leveraging open houses as a means to connect with potential clients and showcase properties effectively.

7. Weed Out Time-Wasting Buyers: The mandatory buyer’s agreements may act as a filter for serious buyers, helping Realtors identify and prioritize clients who are genuinely committed to the home buying process. This shift could save valuable time and resources, allowing Realtors to focus on clients who align with their business goals.


In conclusion, while the NAR settlement may present challenges, it also offers opportunities for growth and adaptation within the real estate industry. The market will eventually change and become a buyer’s market.  By focusing on the positive aspects and leveraging them to their advantage, Realtors in the Cleveland area, and across the country, including Mike Ferrante and the 21 Mike Team at Century 21 HomeStar, can navigate this period of change with confidence and resilience.



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