Real Estate December 11, 2023

3 Tips to Finish the Year Strong!

Dominate the Real Estate Game: Three Proven Tips to Finish 2023 Strong and Crush 2024


Welcome!  In this exciting post, we’re diving into the strategies and insights shared by Mike Ferrante, a seasoned real estate expert from Century 21 HomeStar and the 21 Mike team. With over three decades of experience, Tony Geraci, the broker-owner of HomeStar, joins the conversation to help you finish the fourth quarter of 2023 on a high note and set the stage for a spectacular 2024. Let’s break down the three key tips shared by Mike and Tony to dominate the real estate game!

Tip 1: Craft a Strategic Fourth Quarter Plan:

The first tip is all about crafting a powerful plan to navigate the remaining months of 2023. Mike emphasizes the importance of being proactive and detailed in your approach. Instead of waking up each morning without a plan, create a calendar outlining your daily, weekly, and monthly goals for the rest of the year. Here’s a breakdown of key activities to include in your plan:

  1. Open Houses: Schedule open houses, even if you don’t have listings. Collaborate with other agents and maximize your exposure.
  2. Social Media Strategy: Develop a clear social media plan, specifying the number of posts per platform per week. Share a mix of personal and professional content to connect with your audience.
  3. Video Content: Embrace video marketing; video is the most popular form of media now. Mike and Tony stress the effectiveness of consistent video content in building relationships and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Sphere of Influence: Incorporate strategies to connect with your sphere of influence. Whether it’s through calls, in-person visits, or pop-by gifts, strengthen your relationships during the holiday season.
  5. Farm Strategy: Identify your target area or neighborhood (farm) and plan activities such as door knocking, mailing, and organizing events to establish your presence.

Tip 2: Love on Your Sphere:

Recognizing that approximately 70% of business comes from the sphere of influence, Mike and Tony delve into nurturing these valuable connections. Here are some strategies to love on your sphere:

  1. Personal Touch: Pick up the phone and engage with your contacts. Consider organizing pop-by visits, where you surprise clients with small, thoughtful gifts.
  2. Client Appreciation Events: Host client appreciation parties or events during the holiday season. These gatherings offer a personal touch and strengthen your relationships.
  3. Consistent Communication: Whether through calls, texts, or social media, maintain consistent communication with your sphere. Share valuable information, market updates, and festive greetings.

Tip 3: Develop a Robust 2024 Business Plan:

As the year approaches its end, it’s crucial to look ahead and plan for a successful 2024. Evaluate what worked well in 2023 and what areas need improvement. Mike recommends doubling down on spending time connecting with people and emphasizes the importance of crafting a detailed business plan. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Evaluate 2023: Analyze your successes and challenges from the current year. Identify lead sources that are effective and consider letting go of those that aren’t yielding results.
  2. Double Down on Time: Allocate more time to prospecting and connecting with potential clients. Mike suggests redirecting funds spent on leads towards investing in your time and personal connections.
  3. Start Early: Instead of waiting until January 1, start planning for 2024 now. Utilize the month of December to create a step-by-step business plan, and enlist the help of mentors or coaches if needed.


By following these three tips, you’ll not only finish 2023 strong but also position yourself for a stellar 2024 in the competitive world of real estate. Take charge of your success, implement these strategies, and watch your real estate endeavors thrive. Here’s to dominating the market and achieving unprecedented success in the coming year!



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