Real Estate January 9, 2024

2024 Business Blueprint – Achieving Your Income Goal – Part 3/5

Unlocking Success: A Strategic Approach to Real Estate Goal Setting


Greetings, Cleveland Realtors! As we stride into 2024, it’s time to reflect on the past year and chart a course for a prosperous real estate journey ahead. Mike Ferrante, your trusted Cleveland Realtor, is here to guide you through the process of creating a robust business plan for a successful year in real estate. Join Mike and Tony in this five-week series where they break down the essential steps to achieve your goals.

Week 3: Setting Your Income Goals

In the third week of our series, Mike delves into the critical aspect of setting income goals. Many real estate agents overlook the power of a written business plan, but Mike is here to change that mindset. Using a simple yet effective spreadsheet, Mike demonstrates how to crunch the numbers and determine the key metrics for a thriving real estate career.

Understanding Your Numbers:

Mike starts by emphasizing the need to identify your income goals for the year. By using the provided spreadsheet or adapting it to your specific market conditions, you can calculate the number of transactions required to reach your desired income. Mike walks you through an example, setting a $60,000 income goal for the year.

Balancing Buyers and Sellers:

Recognizing that business often comes from both buyers and sellers, Mike encourages a balanced approach. Even if you primarily work with buyers, sellers may emerge from your buyer transactions. Therefore, he suggests allocating a portion of your transactions to sellers, enhancing your overall business stability.

Calculating Appointments:

The next step in the process involves determining how many appointments you need to secure the targeted transactions. Mike breaks down the formula, emphasizing the importance of understanding that not every appointment leads to a transaction. For buyers, the ratio might be around 3:1 (three appointments to secure one transaction), while sellers may have a higher conversion rate due to the current market conditions.

Daily Conversations: The Key to Success:

Having established your annual appointment goals, Mike highlights the necessity of daily conversations. Setting a goal of five conversations per day may seem simple, but consistency is the key. Whether you’re connecting with people in your sphere, engaging in social media conversations, or participating in various events, every interaction contributes to your success.


As a Cleveland Realtor, your success hinges on strategic planning and consistent effort. Mike Ferrante’s insightful guidance ensures that you’re equipped with the tools and mindset to make 2024 a standout year in your real estate career. Stay tuned for the next week for part four in the series, where Mike will unravel the sources of business and unveil effective strategies to fill your pipeline with quality leads. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your real estate game!



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