Maximize Time for INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES by Delegating Admin and Other Tasks to a VA! Free Realtor Training!

There are only so many hours in a day, right?  So how do you maximize your productivity and leverage your time?


We have had the same VA for over 3 years; she helps us with tasks, saving us time and money.

Many of our videos are also produced by a VA.  She also helps with filing electronic documents, data entry and digital media.

Our transaction coordinators work from home and can live anywhere!  One of them also does our podcast and this blog.

Mike challenges all agents to pick one task and delegate it to a virtual assistant.  The best way to start is working a time block and figure out where exactly spend your time; there will surely be something that you can delegate.  This will leave you more time for listing appointments and other MONEYMAKING tasks.

Mike and Tony share ideas on using VAs, including where they find their VAs (Fiverr and Upwork); be sure to listen to our PODCAST for more great ideas!Join Tony Geraci and Mike Ferrante every Tuesday for FREE training and info on all things real estate.
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