Get More LISTINGS this year with Circle Prospecting! Free Realtor Training!

CIRCLE PROSPECTING – Get More Listings in 2022!


What’s circle prospecting? We’ll give you the basics in our training today!

Join Mike and Tony as they give tips and go over scripts to help you obtain LISTINGS!

Calling and knocking on doors is a part of farming, but what if you could target the MOST likely sellers in a neighborhood? It’s not as hard as you think!

Be proactive; don’t wait for people to call you!

Circle Prospecting – Take something and prospecting around it – listings, selling postcards, buyers, etc.

Approach and farm a neighborhood that look like it would fit your buyer’s needs.  “I have a buyer; are you looking to sell soon?”

We’ll show you how we dominate the Greater Cleveland real estate market as TOP listing agents with these methods (we currently have about 130 listings!).

Mike Ferrante and Tony Geraci have FREE agent training every week.  This month, we’re focusing on getting LISTINGS!

For more information and great SCRIPTS; listen to our PODCAST!