Avoid Legal & Ethical Pitfalls in Multiple Offer Situations – Realtor Training!

Mike and Tony discuss multiple offers in the 5th and final week of Avoiding Ethical and Legal Pitfalls in Real Estate!

Multiple offers can be a daunting challenge for buyers, sellers, AND AGENTS! Are you handling this situation appropriately?
In the Cleveland real estate market we’re experiencing multiple offers, sales over list price, and buyers giving extraordinary terms just to win in multiples.

If you receive 20 offers on a property, how many Agency Disclosures should you have signed?  You might be surprised to know it is 20!  This is really important in the current market.

You are able to let another agent know that you have multiple offers – BUT, you must get the seller’s permission first.  As an alternative, you can always say “We have a lot of interest in this property”.

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