Winning in Multiple Offers – TOP TIPS for Agents and Buyers!

Top Tips to WIN When There Are Multiple Offers!


Contingencies – Try to keep them to a minimum.

Maybe give an amount the buyer will cover for repairs.

Try an appraisal gap.

Be flexible with closing date or possession, give 7 days free.

Let the seller choose the title company.

Closing costs – only have if needed.

You don’t need a higher appraisal if the buyer pays seller’s closing costs.

Provide a Pre Approval AND a Proof of Funds, this shows the buyer can really afford the property.

Use a local lender, seller may like if they know the company.

Escalation Clause will show your best offer.

Ask the Seller’s agent “Beside price, what else would be appealing to your seller?”  You never know!

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