What will rising mortgage interest rates do to the housing market? Is a crash imminent? – Realtor Training!

Who’s freaking out about rising mortgage rates?

Will this lead to a housing market crash?

Falling prices, fewer sales….
We’ll take a look at past data, what has happened when rates rise more than 1% in less than a year. The data may surprise you!

So whether you’re an agent trying to figure out how your career will be affected or a buyer or seller wondering how your sale or purchase will pan out, we’ll have facts, figures, and charts with data that tells the story.

– Interest rates are increasing, this does NOT stop real estate sales.

–  Rates are predicted to continue to rise, but at a slower rate.

– The Fed is trying to slow inflation.

– People are not using their homes for cash now.  When the market crashed in 2008 many people were upside down/underwater on their mortgage.

– Many people have a lot of equity in their home; the loan to value rate is at 30.8% right now.

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