Think You Know About Insurance? Think Again! – Our Latest PODCAST

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage – Don’t Get Stuck with Unnecessary Costs!


On our most recent podcast Mike and Tony were joined by Collin Doyle from State Farm Insurance in Mayfield Village
([email protected] or 440/646-2530).

There are many types of insurance; be sure to always discuss with your agent what is covered specifically in your policy.

Do you want actual cash value or replacement cost?   Sometimes it you can not replace your home, roof, etc. with the actual cash value, maybe replacement cost coverage is best for you.

Liability insurance covers accidents on you property; even if the home is vacant, do not skip this coverage.

Inform your insurance agent if your home will be vacant; they can ensure you are covered appropriately.

To hear Mike’s personal story about his insurance situation on a flip or for more details, listen to our PODCAST: