Final Steps – Create Your Realtor Business Plan for 2022!

Join Mike and Tony as the discuss TRACKING and MEASURING your progress! Tracking and Measuring – Make sure your plan is working for YOU! Break down how many people you need to speak to per day to reach your goals! Realtor Business Plan for 2022, step 7!

Create Your Plan – Edit to Fit Your Style – Business Plan Step 6

Join Mike and Tony as the discuss how to create YOUR personalized business plan! Realtor Business Plan Step 6  

Have a Great Work/Life Balance – Realtors Business Plan – Step 5

Have a happier life – balance your work and personal time! On this episode:  Mike and Tony discuss time management and how to obtain a great work/life balance,  consistency is key. Realtors Business Plan for 2022, step 5.

Down Sizing Tips

So Long, Adios, and Good-bye!   YOU WANT TO MOVE TO SOMETHING SMALLER AND YOU NEED HELP FROM THE 21 MIKE TEAM Saying good-bye to a lifetime of possessions isn’t easy. It can feel like you’re throwing away memories. So, we have listed some tips to help make it easier. Set aside a few hours each day. Eliminate the emotional …

Don’t Miss Out! Sources of Business – Realtors Business Plan Step 3

Sources of Business – Not Just Your Sphere! Join Mike and Tony as they discuss Sources of Business on this episode of FREE Beer and Real Estate!  

OPPORTUNITIES for 2022! Business Plan for Realtors Step 2

Join Mike as he discusses Business Opportunities for 2022! Step 2 for Your Business Plan  

Don’t Start 2022 Without Listening! – Realtors Business Plan step 1

What’s your Why? Join Mike and Tony as they start a 7 part series – Create YOUR Business Plan for 2022!

Buying A Home During Covid-19, Selling A Home During Covid-19

Home Buying and Selling During Covid-19 Home Buying and Selling During The COVID 19 Pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful or a source of worry. Here at Century 21, we’ve made some innovative adjustments to help you with your real estate transactions even during the crisis. Home Buying & Selling Using Government Guidelines For Health Safety In early March, as …