27 deals in his 2nd year – How Team Member Ian Jones Turned his Business Around!

27 Deals in His 2nd Year!   Ian Jones didn’t have any sales until he joined the team.  Things really turned around for him once he was able to sell himself. Our admin staff helps Ian leverage his time; he can now close many more deals! Mike Ferrante, team leader of the 21 Mike Team at Century 21 HomeStar does …

Top Strategies to WIN in multiple offers!

Get Your Offer ACCEPTED in this Seller’s Market – Multiple Offer Situations   Here are some of Mike and Tony’s favorite tips: Be flexible – closing dates, clean up junk in the house, etc. Offer an odd number to stand out. Skip the escalation clauses, they can be confusing. Offer more earnest money. Limit Contingencies – an inspection are ALWAYS …

Speak to Your Sphere – Scripts and Dialogues part 1

   How to approach your sphere and ask for referrals Join Mike and Tony while they role play scripts and share great ideas for when you speak to people in your Sphere of Influence! FREE Beer and Real Estate PODCAST – Scripts and Dialogues Part 1  

WIN with Multiple Offers in a Seller’s Market – tips and strategies

Up Against Multiple Offers? How to work with Buyers to get their offer ACCEPTED in a Seller’s market! Join Mike and Tony as the discuss how to make your offer stand out and get accepted in this Seller’s market! FREE Beer and Real Estate, subscribe to our new podcast!  

Create YOUR Business Plan for 2022! Commit to increasing your sales.

Create YOUR Business Plan for 2022! Step 1 – What is your why?- Full Time – Retirement, Great Lifestyle, Freedom, Put your kids through college, get out of debt. Part Time – Eventually go to full time, Credit card debt, new car, vacation Setting a budget is imperative; don’t go over just because you have a good month. What is …

Final Steps – Create Your Realtor Business Plan for 2022!

Join Mike and Tony as the discuss TRACKING and MEASURING your progress! Tracking and Measuring – Make sure your plan is working for YOU! Break down how many people you need to speak to per day to reach your goals! Realtor Business Plan for 2022, step 7!

Create Your Plan – Edit to Fit Your Style – Business Plan Step 6

Join Mike and Tony as the discuss how to create YOUR personalized business plan! Realtor Business Plan Step 6  

Have a Great Work/Life Balance – Realtors Business Plan – Step 5

Have a happier life – balance your work and personal time! On this episode:  Mike and Tony discuss time management and how to obtain a great work/life balance,  consistency is key. Realtors Business Plan for 2022, step 5.

Down Sizing Tips

So Long, Adios, and Good-bye!   YOU WANT TO MOVE TO SOMETHING SMALLER AND YOU NEED HELP FROM THE 21 MIKE TEAM Saying good-bye to a lifetime of possessions isn’t easy. It can feel like you’re throwing away memories. So, we have listed some tips to help make it easier. Set aside a few hours each day. Eliminate the emotional …