Create Your Business Plan for 2023 in 4 Easy Steps!

Realtors – Create Your Business Plan for 2023!   Mike and Tony have broken down how to create a business plan for the new year into 4 steps: Step 1 – What is your why?  Why do you work in real estate?  What are your motivations? SWOT Analysis – Look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Budget – How …

Have a Great Work/Life Balance – Realtors Business Plan – Step 5

Have a happier life – balance your work and personal time! On this episode:  Mike and Tony discuss time management and how to obtain a great work/life balance,  consistency is key. Realtors Business Plan for 2022, step 5.

Don’t Miss Out! Sources of Business – Realtors Business Plan Step 3

Sources of Business – Not Just Your Sphere! Join Mike and Tony as they discuss Sources of Business on this episode of FREE Beer and Real Estate!