Secret To Success – FOLLOW UP! Do You Follow Up Like a Top Agent? Free Realtor Training!

Secret to Success – Do You Follow Up Like a Top Agent?


Great follow up can increase your business up to 60%

Lead Conversion –

Speed to Lead – waiting even 5 minutes can lower your chances of converting a lead.  Waiting 5-30 minutes can decrease your chance of converting a lead by 100 times.

47% of leads NEVER get a call.

After the first contact you need to FOLLOW UP:

only 8% of leads will transact in the first 30 days

27% are in 2-3 months

33% are in 4-6 months

22% are in 7-12 months

10% are over 12 months


Plan when you are going to follow up, use a calendar, CRM or excel.

Know what you are going to say, it gives you confidence!

If they don’t pick up the phone, text or email.

Offer value, don’t just ask if they are ready to buy/sell.

For FSBOs – “Are you familiar with the documents that are needed to sell a home?”   “I am an expert in your area; I may have a buyer for you.”

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