Realtors – Get More LISTINGS in 2022! Tips and Scripts – Free Realtor Training!

Our team currently has 127 listings. Want to know our secrets?

As one of the top real estate listing teams in the Greater Cleveland real estate market, we carry anywhere from 50-150 listings depending on time of year.  Listings generate leads, both buyers and other sellers – they are the key to a stable business.

With the market beginning to shift, agents will need to hone their skills on the listing side! It’s not going to be as simple as taking some pictures and then sorting through multiple offers. A more balanced market means relief for buyers, too.

We might even start to see some expired listings–remember those??

Develop a network of referral sources:  Handymen/GCs, Estate or Divorce Attorneys, property managers and lenders.

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SPHERE!  Don’t assume they will contact you when they need a realtor or have a lead.

Ask EVERY buyer:  Do you also have a home to sell?

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June is listing month where Tony Geraci and Mike Ferrante will go over scripts and dialogues, objection handlers, and sure-fire methods to get more listings in 2022!

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