Realtors and small business owners: How do you protect against cyber attacks and scams?

CYBER SECURITY for Realtors and Small Business Owners

Mike and Tony welcome special guest Ken Fanger to discuss Cyber Security.

Protect your clients and your small business!  Cyber criminals target many small businesses, not just large ones.

If you do have a breach, don’t panic – contact your computer experts immediately to help.


As business owners and real estate agents, cyber security should be a HUGE concern.  Putting your clients’ data at risk can be costly!

And did you know that WE can be liable?  There’s even cyber insurance now!

Join us as we discuss cyber security with the guy who wrote the book–LITERALLY–Ken Fanger, author of “Relax: A Guide to True Cyber Security”.

Ken shares 20-minutes of gold nugget tips. 
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