Realtor Training – Top 3 Ways to Get MORE Business!



Sphere of Influence is still the #1 way to obtain clients; be sure to contact everyone in your Sphere on a regular basis!

Come from a positions of giving, not selling – “A lot of people have been asking about the Real Estate market; do you have any questions I can answer for you?”  “I can prepare a market analysis for you.”

Open Houses – Publicize everywhere, not just a couple of signs.  Have EVERYONE sign in with a phone number and email; this will also make your seller feel more comfortable about having strangers in their home.

Farm a Neighborhood (or a few!) – Be the area expert!  Mailers, door knocking and block parties are just a few ideas to OWN a neighborhood.

Networking – Pick a target audience and get to know people who serve that population.  Lenders, handymen and tradesmen are also great people for referrals.

FSBO and Expired Listings – You already know they want to sell their property!


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