Realtor Scripts and Dialogues – Increase Your Real Estate Sales!!!

Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues

The phone is your friend!!!


                                                                                    How to speak to your Sphere:

With COVID a great ice breaker is to ask about their health and the health of their family.

Speak about something they posted on social media; life changing events – retiring, death in the family, kids going to college, etc.  Many of these things can lead to a listing lead.

Use the FORD script:  Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams.





Online Lead Conversion:

Have a polished opening statement and voicemail script; come from a place of giving – What can I do for you?

***Speed of response is important!***

1.  You inquired about ….property.  Always give two options for time to meet.

2.  Why this home?

3.  I will send you a text with my contact information.


FSBO and Expireds:

Your objective is to set a listing appointment!

FSBO – Are they cooperating with agents? (Offering a commission.)
Why are you selling? 
Do you have an agent? (They may have a cousin, etc….May just want a listing price.)
95% of Real Estate transactions use a Realtor.

Expireds – I am here to help.  No cost to you until your property sells.

Geo Farming – Own Your Neighborhood:

Wear your company gear, signage on your car.  

Provide something of value, leave if they are not home.

Try local events, block parties, garage sale signs, digital marketing for that particular neighborhood.

Door knock when you have a listing. 

Invite neighbors personally to the open house (maybe do an hour just for the neighborhood).  

Maybe they have family/friends that would like to live near them.


Open Houses:

Door Knock in the subdivision, or at least the street (minimum of 10 houses in both directions and across the street – 40 total.)

Promote your open house with signage, social media and 3rd party websites.

Get contact information for EVERY person who comes in.  Carry a notepad.

How did you hear about the open house?
“I promised the seller I would give them a list of everyone who was in their home.”
“Because of Covid we need contact information.”

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