Realtor Safety Tips for Agents!

As we know, pursuing a career in real estate can be exciting, fun, and inspiring. However, being a real estate agent has its risks. Sadly, the safety of real estate professionals is being violently threatened by physical attackers on a much more dangerous level lately. According to a recent report by Agent Genius and Realtor safety expert Andrew Wooten, the past year has been the most violent for the estate industry, with a noticeable increase in assaults, murders, and suicides of real estate professionals.
The study was conducted in order to try to find some insight to help agents better protect themselves. However, no tangible conclusions were drawn as to the types of Realtors targeted, which means anyone is at risk. Still, a few common threads were discovered in the study:
Most attacks took place on Thursday or Friday afternoons.
Roughly 30% of attack victims are men.
Most attacks didn’t take place inside major metropolitan areas.
About half of attacks involved guns.
Several attacks resulted in murder even though robbery was the original intention.
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