Real Estate Market Slowdown – A GREAT Time to Work with Investors!!!

A GREAT Time to Work with Investors!!!

Investors are a great way to have a steady stream of deals in this slowing market.

Be sure to know what you are talking about and ensure you and the investor are the right fit!


Mike and Tony discuss the FIVE QUESTIONS you should be asking investors before working with them.



What is your goal?  Long Term (Rentals) vs. Short Term (Fix and Flip).

Are they realistic with their expectations?  ROI (Return on Investment).

Price Range – ARV After Rehab Value; fix and flips will have a price with rehab.

Cash vs. Financing; self directed IRAs, LLCs, Hard Money Loans – not the same as cash.  Always get a preapproval or proof of funds.

Get a Buyer’s Agreement, particularly important with lower sale prices.

Bonus:  Set up searches using time on market; the seller might go for a lower offer.

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