Importance of Listing Photos

Helpful tips for perfecting listing photos.

Buying a home is one of few instances where it is socially acceptable to judge something based off of looks. Most of the time, a potential buyer’s first impression of a house is formed when they look at pictures of it online. The layout of real estate apps and websites ensure that the pictures of the houses are the first thing a potential buyer will see; this is significant because 90% of buyers are now house hunting online.

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The more, the merrier. If a buyer is interested, they are going to want to see a lot of pictures of the property.

Photos taken professionally will make a greater impression. Consider hiring a professional photographer. If taking pictures on your own, use a camera of appropriate quality.

Good lighting is key for great photos. Photos taken during daytime will allow for natural light to assist in making the space feel open and airy in pictures.

Ensure the house is clean and decluttered before taking photos. It is hard for a buyer to imagine himself or herself living in your home if the pictures show the house filled with your possessions.

Put pictures of the home’s best features first. This will grab the attention of the potential buyers and keep them clicking to see more.

Rooms look best if photographed from the doorway. Photographing from the doorway allows for more of the room to be seen, thus allowing for a more accurate depiction of the room’s size.

Take some exterior photos from an angle. This will better show the dimension of a house.

Upkeep the landscape for exterior photos. Curb appeal is a big selling factor of a house, even in pictures.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.