How to Maximize Your Open Houses! Free Realtor Training

Maximize Your Open Houses to get LISTINGS and BUYERS!


Promote Your Open House:

More Signs!  The busier the street, the bigger the sign!!!

Try a Social Media Video

Facebook event to advertise open houses


Sign In Sheet – Don’t Make it Optional:

“I promised the owner I would get everyone’s information.”

“Hi, are you here for the open house?  Great, please sign in.”


How long have you been looking?
How have you been looking?
Have you written any offers?
Have you found any homes that you like?

ALWAYS ASK:  “Do you have a home to sell?”

Door Knock at least 10 houses in each direction on both sides of the street.  Personally invite neighbors to the open house.

For more great tips and scripts for open houses, listen to our PODCAST!