Garage Sale 101

A way for your neighbors to find deals and for you to make a profit.

Garage sales can be a fun and rewarding way to declutter your household: especially for those who are looking to move. About 50% of movers are said to have hosted garage sales of their own before putting their house on the market. Many of us are guilty of having belongings that are serving no purpose and just taking up space in our homes. This article will take you through the steps of putting on a garage sale while also providing helpful tips along the way.


SAY GOOBYE TO CLUTTER. The first step of putting on your garage sale is to go through your home and determine what is actually being used and what is not. Now is the time to gather the clothes that no one fits in, the toys that haven’t been touched in months, and that “As seen on TV” product that you haven’t even thought about since you brought it home from the store. You will soon begin to realize that you have a lot more stuff than you thought you did, however this is okay because soon it will be replaced by money in your pocket.


NOT ALL YOUR TRASH IS TREASURE. You don’t want to waste your time by pricing things that are not going to sell. Think about whether an item may be too worn or broken to sell to your neighbors. An alternative option for these items would be to donate them to your local thrift store; or if the condition is too poor for that, just throwing them away.

Photo by: Mike Mozart

THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Two completely different routes can be taken when it comes to pricing your items. First, is the most obvious option. Come up with simple prices that you would be comfortable selling your things for. Consider offering deals such as “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” for items such as plates or stuffed animals. The other route is to merely not price your items at all. Consumer Reports suggest that your garage sale customers are likely to offer higher prices than what you would have originally asked for if you let them come up with the prices they’re willing to pay first.

PERFECT TIMING. It is most common for garage sales to occur on the weekend. This is due to the obvious fact that more people are able to attend due to not having to go to work. It is also smart to have the garage sale carry on through a span of 2 to 3 days. This will also maximize the amount of people that will be able to attend. A good range of days would be from Friday-Sunday. Also, consider inviting neighbors to also participate in the garage sale. People will be more likely to come if multiple homes are participating because then there will be more items available.

Photo By: Dan Keck

GETTING THE WORD OUT. This is probably the most important step when it comes to maximizing the outcome of your sale. In order to sell anything, people have to come to your sale and in order for this to occur, people must know about the sale. Social media platforms can be used in order to promote your sale to family, friends, and surrounding neighbors. Try posting about it to community Facebook groups or on your neighborhoods Nextdoor app. The most common and earliest method would be to use physical signs to put up in the surrounding area. Some real estate offices- such as the 21 Mike Team of Century 21 Homestar- offer free to borrow professional garage sale signs to the community.

THE DAY HAS COME. Remember to relax. It may be stressful, but at the end of the day, garage sales are supposed to be a fun experience for all. Be friendly to your customers. Also, be prepared to negotiate. Don’t forget that any offer is a good offer taking into consideration that you were not even using these items beforehand.

THE AFTERMATH. It is very unlikely to sell everything that you put out for your garage sale, so don’t feel defeated if you don’t. Since one of the main goals of a garage sale is to free up space in your house, you do not want to end up putting these leftover items back in your home. Once again, you can donate to your local thrift store or give the items away for free to a friend. If you’re still set on making more money, take a shot at using a platform such as eBay to sell the items online.

Photo by: Mike Mozart

Now you’re a yard sale PRO. Good Luck on your new venture!