Down Sizing Tips

So Long, Adios, and Good-bye!



Saying good-bye to a lifetime of possessions isn’t easy. It can feel like you’re throwing away memories. So, we have listed some tips to help make it easier.

  1. Set aside a few hours each day. Eliminate the emotional challenge of being stressed to finish the job in a reduced time frame. A couple of weeks to a month is a reasonable amount of time for this job.


  1. Start with expired medications. Next, toss the things you know you want to get rid of in the garage, the laundry room, the linen closet, and the kitchen.


  1. Finally, get rid of all clothing that no longer fits.

  1. In each room, go through every item one-by-one. You will be making some tough decisions especially when it comes to collections that you’ve amassed over the years. Departure time is now, or they will end up in a storage box where you will never see them anyway.


     5. SELL!  You have many choices of where to sell the items in your “NO” pile. There is Ebay, Craig’s List, consignment stores, and yard sales. 


  1. Hire an expert. Businesses exist for the purpose of downsizing and moving. For outstanding help with your downsizing, we recommend All Things Organized. Call Lauren at 216-202-6202.


      7. Besides creating a “yes” and “no” pile, try to eliminate the “maybe” pile which can become the biggest pile, bringing progress to a halt. 

  1. Think about giving your heirs the treasures you were saving to give them after you died. For instance, give your son the antique clock you were leaving him in your will, or give your daughter the English bone china that you know she would use now.  You will have the benefit of seeing them enjoy these heirlooms.

During the downsizing project it’s time to decide which type of housing is right for you. Here are three popular options:


  1. Single-family ranch style home. With this choice you own the structure as well as the land.  A single-family ranch offers you the most privacy, and you can change the interior and the exterior as you wish.

Negative side: There is a lawn to mow, leaves to rake and a driveway to plow. If your sink is clogged or your windows are clouding up, fixing them comes out of your budget. 

  1. Condo living. You own your apartment, but not any land or any common spaces.  You will be paying a monthly fee to maintain the common areas such as elevators, parking lot, main entrance, carpets, and lawn. But you are not responsible for any upkeep or maintenance.

Negative side: There may be a fee for parking a second car, pets may not be welcome or restricted by size.  Also, some condos have two stories which can be a negative if you have difficulty navigating stairs.

  1. Townhouse, semi-detached house, duplex, or triplex homes involve some sharing, like a wall on either side, but you will have nobody living above you. These types of housing are sometimes run like condominiums which means that there is no exterior upkeep.

Negative side: You will have to deal with community bylaws, you might have to deal with stairs, you will have neighbors close by.


Whichever option you choose, you’ll want to make sure that this is the house that can adapt as you age. 

My team and I are ready to help with all aspects of this major event in your life. For help with downsizing and moving, we recommend Lauren Herzog from All Things Organized 216-202-6202.

For help with finding the right type of home or to sell your current home call Mike Ferrante at 216-373-7727 or email [email protected]