Create Your Business Plan for 2023 in 4 Easy Steps!

Realtors – Create Your Business Plan for 2023!


Mike and Tony have broken down how to create a business plan for the new year into 4 steps:

Step 1 –

What is your why?  Why do you work in real estate?  What are your motivations?

SWOT Analysis – Look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Budget – How much money do you need?  Calculate how many sale you will need to reach that goal.


Step 2 –

How many people do you need to speak to in order to meet your monetary goals?  Per year, per week?

It is always best to have a specific number of sales as a goal; not just “as many as I can”.

Use the MLS for Sellers as well as buyers; they will be able to see market trends.


Step 3-

Sources of Business

Always ask your clients if they know anyone who may be looking to buy or sell.

People you purchase from/give business – Servers, nail tech, beautician/barber, oil change, dentist, etc.

Networking groups, loan officers, escrow agents, insurance agents and lawyers.

Farm an area!  Own your neighborhood.

FSBOs and expireds 

Zillow, make me move

ALWAYS do an Open House!


Step 4 –

Time Blocking – Many people skip this step, but that is a mistake!

Don’t just react passively; you should be the one to call first.

It’s OK to call people back; schedule a 20 minute call and then spend 10 minutes returning calls.

Your goal should be to set a future buyer or seller appointment.


For more details and tips, listen to all 4 episodes of our PODCAST!