Create YOUR Business Plan for 2022! Commit to increasing your sales.

Create YOUR Business Plan for 2022!

Step 1 – What is your why?-

Full Time – Retirement, Great Lifestyle, Freedom, Put your kids through college, get out of debt.

Part Time – Eventually go to full time, Credit card debt, new car, vacation

Setting a budget is imperative; don’t go over just because you have a good month.

What is working for you?  Where did your sales come from in 2021?

What are your goals for 2022?

Step 2 – Opportunities-

What are your Strengths?  Build on your strengths.

Weaknesses:  Hire someone if you aren’t good at something, save yourself time.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet Mike uses, just email him at [email protected].

Gain market share, where are the opportunities in my area? 

Set goals – numbers of transactions or commission.  How many people do you need to speak to per week/per day to meet your goals?  The smaller numbers really make your goals feel obtainable.


Step 3 – Sources-

Sphere of Influence – almost 70% of realtor business comes from people you already know.  Tap into your past clients’ Sphere. 

Friends and Family – Remind them you are in the business, what is their timeline for moving?  ASK for a referral. 

You don’t sell to your Sphere; you sell THROUGH your Sphere.  

Have an email, phone and social media contacts list – build your database.  Try to friend people you may have met on friends’ Facebook accounts.

Also try networking groups, sports teams, church and businesses you use often.  Other agents you know can be a great source; maybe you specialize in an area they don’t want to travel to, GET A REFERRAL.

The people you don’t know – where you live, where you work, for sale by owners (you need a realtor to sell for the highest price).  Expired listings, even old ones can be a great source.

Be consistent and persistent!


Step 4 – Marketing Channels-

Your phone is still the number one tool to reach potential clients!

Social Media is so important!  Commenting on Facebook can bring in leads.  Message people you haven’t spoken to in a while.

People also love personal notes or small gifts, thank yous mean a lot to most people.  Try to make your pop bys something they won’t throw out. 

Seminars, churches, coaching, open houses and groups are great ways to meet people which can turn into SALES.

Step 5 – Time Management-


CONSISTENCY is key!  Make sure to have a daily, monthly and yearly plan.

Try time blocking- block out time for whatever you need personally first – gym, date night, etc.  This will help with your work life and personal life BALANCE. 

You will find time for all your business calls when you follow your time block/calendar.

Step 6 – Create and Tweak You Plan-

Routine makes it easier to commit to your calls/contacting potential clients.

You can be successful, boil your goals down to how many calls per month/week/day.  Make time to TALK to people, you will close more sales.  Have a PLAN and script ready ahead of time.   

It’s all about consistency and repetition


Step 7 – Tracking and Measuring-

Use the system that works for you!  Tony recommends something that easily flows with your contacts and calendar.  Being able to use your tracking system on your phone and with an assistant are a necessity.

Check if you are obtaining your goals often, don’t wait until the end of the year!  You can always work on your script or go in a different direction.

You can listen to our Podcasts for each step, detailing how to create a PERSONALIZED business plan to help increase sales in 2022!





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