3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Business – Free Realtor Training!

3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Business

With the shift in the market, many agents are seeing a dip in their business. Here are a few great ideas on ways to jumpstart your real estate business!

Sitting and waiting will NOT work – Pick up the phone, start with your contacts, your sphere, etc.   You can always have an assistant set up appointments for you.

Get Help!  For $250-$395 you can hand off most of your transaction.  You will have more time to obtain listings, sales, etc.

Leverage your existing relationships – go to social media, use this in ADDITION to the phone.

***YOU MUST ASK FOR THE BUSINESS, do not assume they will call you for their real estate needs!***

Increase or start outbound content – Video is best!

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We use these proven methods in the Cleveland, Ohio real estate market (and Columbus) to consistently generate business, making us the #2 Century team in the entire USA for number of transactions for the last several years.