3 Ways to Generate FREE LEADS for Realtors!

90% of Real Estate Business is Done by 10% of the Agents!

3 Ways to Generate FREE LEADS for Realtors –

Be Proactive, Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring!

Social Media:

Pick one or two methods and master them:  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok.  It’s not too late – do it with purpose/a plan; consistency is important.

On Facebook use messenger to communicate and stay in touch, don’t just post.  Look for life changing events, many can mean a new home.  Also use groups to start conversations.  Make sure to not only have business posts, do about 3 fun posts for each business post – activities, motivational posts, pets, family, etc.

TikTok – be who you are, post about something peripheral – neighborhoods, restaurants, activities.


For topics to discuss use the FORD method:  Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams.  See a post about a special occasion?  CALL or TEXT, don’t just click.

Update people on the changing market!

Been neglectful to someone in your Sphere?  “I am so sorry I haven’t done a better job of keeping in touch with you.”


In Person:

When you drive by a FSBO, go knock on the door and/or call!

Stand 6-8 feet back when door knocking, always bring something, even just a flyer.

Farm a neighborhood:  “Did you see my postcard?”  “No?  Here’s a copy of the data.”

“I have a buyer, with the housing shortage, I am being proactive.”

Open Houses:  Door Knock before the open house.  “I told my Seller I would invite the neighbors to their open house.”  “Oh by the way, when might you be looking to make a move?”

Make sure EVERYONE signs in.  “I promised the sellers I would keep track of everyone through the house.”


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