27 deals in his 2nd year – How Team Member Ian Jones Turned his Business Around!

27 Deals in His 2nd Year!


Ian Jones didn’t have any sales until he joined the team.  Things really turned around for him once he was able to sell himself.

Our admin staff helps Ian leverage his time; he can now close many more deals!

Mike Ferrante, team leader of the 21 Mike Team at Century 21 HomeStar does a short interview – How a part-time real estate agent sold 10 houses in year 1, and in year 2 left his job to sell 27 houses full-time!

Ian Jones of the 21 Mike Team with Century 21 Homestar, a top real estate team in the Cleveland, Ohio area, tells his story of going from ZERO deals in his first 6 months to 10 in the next year after joining the 21 Mike Team.

The following year, Ian left his part-time job to sell real estate full-time and closed 27 deals in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio real estate market!

Ian leverages leads, admin support, and training from the team to focus on income producing activities!





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